As powerful as duos can be in the music scene, the dynamic is typically lopsided to some degree. However, loyalty is what keeps Brevin Kim together, not dependency. This shows in the chemistry they share in the booth, as well as their unique vision. This young one-two punch began their journey in North Attleboro, and their innovative talent has taken them all the way to LA where they have built a stronger presence in the industry. One of their most recent wins was a feature in the Pigeons & Planes “See You Next Year” class , which highlights a handful of upcoming artists with a bright future ahead of them. This recognition led them to a priceless Mike Dean production on their song CHALICE, and even their own action figures. Combined with the release of their highly anticipated album PAIN MUSEUM, the two have made 2022 a year to remember. While celebrating success, they have stayed productive and it shows in their new single THE PPL I’VE BEEN

This track emphasizes my favorite qualities of Brevin Kim, which are their precise filters and EQ. While they are not all blessed by Mike Dean yet, each mix cuts into any speaker you choose and that is an underrated quality of artists these days, despite increased access to solid equipment. The song combines their trademark blend of anti-pop and alternative, with a big chorus that drives a perfectly crazy hyperpop sequence. The lyrics question the relationship and their attachment to it, as they explain how they already know the pain it brings them. The song also touches on the good and bad of transformation as a person, as fielding different identities is empowering and discouraging at the same time. 

Identity is a big priority for Brevin Kim and it is evident as always in their crisp mix as well as their interesting tones. It is often hard to tell who is on which verse and it’s usually so good that you don’t even care to know. The duo shares a bond that only brothers could have, which is because they’re actually brothers. Growing up together musically has built a remarkable chemistry that shows in their music as well as their whole expression in videos, interviews and more. With such a mutual understanding of the business and the music, I feel bad for the upcoming duos competing with them. Living in LA has opened a whole new set of doors for the two and they have been taking full advantage, resulting in a very solid catalog for artists their age. While 2022 was a big year for Brevin Kim, I have a feeling they’re just warming up. Make sure to keep up with them on all social medias @brevinkim for updates!

By Ryan Crowley


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