As powerful as duos can be in the music scene, the dynamic is typically lopsided to some degree. However, loyalty is what keeps Brevin Kim together, not dependency. This shows in the chemistry they share in the booth, as well as their unique vision. This young one-two punch began their journey in North Attleboro, and their innovative talent has taken them all the way to LA where they have built a stronger presence in the industry. One of their most recent wins was a feature in the Pigeons & Planes “See You Next Year” class , which highlights a handful of upcoming artists with a bright future ahead of them. This recognition led them to a priceless Mike Dean production on their song CHALICE, and even their own action figures. Combined with the release of their highly anticipated album PAIN MUSEUM, the two have made 2022 a year to remember. While celebrating success, they have stayed productive and it shows in their new single THE PPL I’VE BEEN

This track emphasizes my favorite qualities of Brevin Kim, which are their precise filters and EQ. While they are not all blessed by Mike Dean yet, each mix cuts into any speaker you choose and that is an underrated quality of artists these days, despite increased access to solid equipment. The song combines their trademark blend of anti-pop and alternative, with a big chorus that drives a perfectly crazy hyperpop sequence. The lyrics question the relationship and their attachment to it, as they explain how they already know the pain it brings them. The song also touches on the good and bad of transformation as a person, as fielding different identities is empowering and discouraging at the same time. 

Identity is a big priority for Brevin Kim and it is evident as always in their crisp mix as well as their interesting tones. It is often hard to tell who is on which verse and it’s usually so good that you don’t even care to know. The duo shares a bond that only brothers could have, which is because they’re actually brothers. Growing up together musically has built a remarkable chemistry that shows in their music as well as their whole expression in videos, interviews and more. With such a mutual understanding of the business and the music, I feel bad for the upcoming duos competing with them. Living in LA has opened a whole new set of doors for the two and they have been taking full advantage, resulting in a very solid catalog for artists their age. While 2022 was a big year for Brevin Kim, I have a feeling they’re just warming up. Make sure to keep up with them on all social medias @brevinkim for updates!

By Ryan Crowley



Ever heard of strength in numbers? Well, Van Buren has. And they’re proving it yet again with the release of their sophomore album DSM. The homegrown collective geared up for sixteen tracks to top their 2021 project Bad For Press, which cemented them as power players in the Massachusetts scene. Beyond local support, The album was featured on NPR and even scored them an appearance at the championed Boston Calling festival, amongst other achievements.Their diverse contributions have allowed the collective to expand to several audiences including fashion, film, PR and more. This album makes it a point to recognize how far they’ve come, and the respect that they’ve earned along the way.


Gritty mixes and tasteful samples work together to provide an immersive experience that reeks of fundamental hip-hop. While Bad For Press required unity to deliver a good first impression, DSM shows the trust they now have in each other, and the new lanes that this trust has opened. Fan favorites FOUL and The Source have been doing numbers on streaming platforms and are perfect examples of independent success, put together. Identity is a big priority for the group and it shows in their crazy tones. Every bounce is unique, but consistent enough for several artists to flow without friction. The bars always come first with Van Buren, which is a breath of fresh air in today’s melodic rap world. The group is always engaged in friendly competition and it makes for a more meaningful product, evidently. 


The creation of these new sounds came under some unusual circumstances, which can be just the edge that an artist (or thirteen of them) need to get the job done. In an interview with UPROXX (@uproxxmusic) the group walked us through their fallout studio, a rickety RV parked in a friend’s backyard. They spoke lovingly of the dark kitchen where most of their winter was spent, turning their hunger into something bigger. The conversation then turned to the lack of musical infrastructure as a whole in Massachusetts, and the importance of resilience and creativity. Making something out of nothing has put a chip on all thirteen member’s shoulders, and they look forward to opening the door for hungry local artists. 


Unlike most collectives, it’s hard to point out a leader of Van Buren, mainly because there isn’t one. The spotlight shines evenly across the label, and there is no mistaking the tone of each member’s flow. Something for every artist means something for every fan, and this approach has taken their music a long way from Brockton. We’re sure this new chapter will take them far, but they’ve made it clear that their heart will always be in Massachusetts.


By Ryan Crowley

Massachusetts Up Now: Van Buren Records Concludes “Bad For Tour” With Sold Out Boston Performance

“Home team advantage” is a well-known term in sports. It refers to the advantage a team possesses when playing in their “home” city or town. The phrase also pertains to the fact that, while at “home”, a larger percentage of spectators and fans cheer and root for the home team. This past weekend, when Brockton-based collective Van Buren Records returned home to Massachusetts, it quickly became apparent that this phrase could also be used to describe things outside of sports as well.

After two successful performances on their “Bad For Tour” in Los Angeles and New York City earlier in the month, Van Buren took the stage in Boston on September 24th to a sold-out Paradise Rock Club crowd, filled with countless fans, friends, and family. VB’s homecoming show, which closed out their 3 stop headlining tour, was nothing short of legendary and proved that years of hard work were extremely well worth it. Prior to VB’s 70-minute set, fellow Massachusetts artists Bori Rock, SliccBae, Reem Skully, Big Super, Cash Cartel, B. Blazo, and more all took the stage in support of the Brockton collective. It truly feels as though the last time Massachusetts experienced such a sense of community centered around a local act was during the ascent of Dorchester’s Cousin Stizz, and coincidentally enough, Stizz was onstage with Van Buren as they performed. A truly full-circle moment for Massachusetts rap as a whole.

Cousin Stizz on stage with Van Buren

At DoOverDon’t, we’ll continue to support the Van Buren boys and everything they do, and we’re extremely proud to have been able to witness their rise over the past few years. If you’re interested in seeing how the show looked and felt, feel free to check out the short recap shot by DOD’s lead videographer Aaron Meighan on our Instagram page!

The Hometown’s Hero – In Loving Memory of Terrence Clarke

They say Legends never die, I say they’re right in that statement. Unfortunately, the world has lost a living legend and one of the most beloved individuals within our community we call home. Devastatingly enough, we lost Terrence Clarke, a rising basketball star from Dorchester. When hearing the news my heart dropped. You tend to reflect on what he has done for the community and how much talent he had. Looking back at that just made me more devastated than I already was.


In situations like this, it’s hard to find the words to truly explain how important he is. Terrence was just like you and me. A child of God with a dream, a kid with an aspiration to strive for better. It’s safe to say there aren’t recognizable athletes within the state of Massachusetts, but Terrence, needless to say, my brother was a  different breed on the court. His unique ability and talent gave kids hope. It’s so admirable when you have a guy like that have so much impact and utilize it in a positive way. Terrence Clarke was beloved within the community and would always give back when he could. He put the city on his back and for a person like myself who has so much pride in my home, it’s inspiring to say the least. 


On behalf of all of us, we are more than proud of what he had achieved in his time on earth. Terrence was set to be drafted in the NBA and was hoping to even be a Celtic one day who knows. Either way, all of us would have cheered him on as he is and always will be an essential piece of Boston. The story of the Hometown Hero doesn’t end with the tragic end to his demise, but the beginning of what is yet to be celebrated. Tupac once said death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive.” Let’s all take from what Terrence has taught us about work ethic and unconditional love for the people unknown. Rest in peace King.


The truth shall set you free: Van Buren releases their new project “Bad For Press”

The Current affairs we deal with on a day-to-day basis get plastered all over this thing we call media. The information that is conveyed is then fed to the public. Understand that current affairs not only occur at a broader spectrum but locally as well. The problems within the community you live in affect how we live our daily lives. As for Van Buren, their veracity seems to be what’s more essential to them. The idealogy of truth is very scary and notably gets censored. So I guess it may seem “Bad For Press” after all. 

 The 13-track project features the likes of Jiles, Lord Felix, Meech, Luke Bar$, Saint Lyor, Ricky Felix, as well as Andrew Regis. There are also appearances from New England Artists BoriRock and Lonny X. Oh let’s not forget about the engineers and producers who successfully executed this masterpiece. Credits also go to Kiron, Mike Hector, Oje, Hush Forte, Mihji Grey, Roho, Ties.Wav, and R Louie. 

It’s clear with the release of this album, “Bad For Press”, VB wanted to make a statement to all of the music industry and its fellow media platforms. Money, Power, and Respect are three key components that play in publicity but when would the paragon of Art play a factor? There’s no secret Van Buren has always been underrated. It’s as if the industry is always avoiding flashing the lights on them. It seems as if this doesn’t faze the boys by any means. For them, the purpose is far brighter. 

Let’s make this clear, this project was for the people and nothing more. Van Buren came to talk to the community about what they deemed important. This philosophical masterpiece will shift the way music is made today.  The subtle messages within the tracks and resonance give the audience a unique experience and allow the listener to retrieve the information given through familiar diction. Their power of connecting to the people is remarkable and shouldn’t be underlooked.   

The album starts with a raunchy aesthetic that then leads to each song resonating and transitioning well, giving a subliminal theme throughout the project. I enjoyed tracks like “It Is What It Is”, “Medic”, and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” because of the overall artistry within them. Yet it is my opinion. 

To Van Buren, the ideas of relationships and social code are so misconstrued and lost in the current date. For them, it felt necessary to clear the air about the issues revolving around our society. Yet it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the overall theme is. Through good reasoning, it’s safe to say that Van Buren intended to inform people the reality instead of the illusion.

Here is the link to listen to the album:





Rockstar Made: Rexobn

“Rockstar Lifestyle might not make it!” In this case, for the upcoming artist, Rexobn, it’s definite that he’s on the rise to making himself a notable name within the music industry. It’s crazy to see how far he’s coming from when I first met Rex. Fortunately, we got to talk on and off camera, and I can honestly say he’s shown me the utmost hospitality, and that is all I can ask out of someone. Back to his music though. I’ve covered a lot of rappers and artists in the present day and although it’s evident, Rexobn is one of the most versatile artists in the Massachusetts scene. His ability to appeal to all types of different genres, specifically Hip Hop as well as Rock, is why I say such a thing. Just peep it for yourself and you tell me otherwise. 


From the start of his career, Rexobn has always appeared with LongLiveHshawn on tracks like “LAX”, “Rockstar Sh!t”, as well as “Slow”, on our collaborative project, “By Any Means Necessary”. Just take a look at him now, Rexobn has shown vast growth, branching off to the style that has worked for him and appeals to that audience. He’s also shown progression with the rise of his social media, from platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Most of you guys might be surprised, but I do not have a TikTok currently. I can honestly say though, TikTok can be a useful platform to expand your base and gain exposure if utilized right. This does not undermine the fact that Rex’s virtuosity is inevitable. He’s allowed people like myself to open their eyes to different styles of music. The ability to gravitate to other listeners is something Rexobn has in the bag of tricks he walks around with subtly. I’m sure if he’s able to adapt to the style he’s known for today, alongside working with rappers, there’s no question that his sound will resonate with a whole variety of different genres.


Rexobn has a lot to prove though, this isn’t the end of the road for the young prodigy. His following and fanbase are only going to enlarge from here. It’s been a pleasure thus far to say I’ve gotten to know Rexobn as not just the artist, but the man behind the art. We’ll see what’s in store from him moving forward. Hypothetically, if y’all were sleeping, I’m hoping reading this was sort of your alarm clock. Contradictive to the title, but I sincerely don’t believe that a rockstar has been made recently, more of that it’s established. Hopefully your not reading this before it’s too late.



LongLiveHshawn: Who Would’ve Thought?!

There’s doubt within all of us from time to time. Not to say we are all weak-minded individuals, but more we lack the strength of realizing that unfortunate situations are temporary. It’s hard to say for the young phenom, LongLiveHshawn, that he’s lacking confidence or belief in himself, even though he claims he has felt unassertive throughout his journey. Why I find it so difficult to believe is because his ambition and urge to create music are so evident. It’s a confidence that we all try to strive for, and it seems if my man has got it down pat.


For LongLiveHshawn, the plan is simple, and that’s to be the future of the music industry, the next one to become Massachusetts’ next big thing. How he approaches his work makes it an enjoyable environment. It’s entertaining to see the inspirations and influence that he gets when approaching his music. Getting to know LongLive allowed me to examine who he was outside of his music. His genuine attitude, and work ethic, allow me to see that his plan will one day come to fruition. Ultimately, I respect the person he is today and is soon to be for tomorrow.


With songs like “Confusing” doing numbers at the start of his career, had given people a glimpse to see what the newly virtuoso was all about. He tends to get a lot of comparison to rappers up to date, for instance, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, but I can tell you first hand that he’s a student of the gameObviously, I mean his music. He wants to make sure any song he puts out is the best quality work coming out of your speakers. His cognizance about the whole shebang when it comes to music and what you need to do to build a brand has been essential to his development.  


Social media has most certainly allowed LongLiveHshawn to continue to expand his’ fanbase and recognition from the music industry. The resources of Instagram and Tik Tok have enabled LongLive to grow and see what works and what doesn’t. The prodigy has proven time and time again that he belongs in the Industry and that he’s capable of making G.O.O.D. music. 


With songs like Hurt, Neva thought, and LAX, which are some of my favorites from his catalog, it’s clear that his potential is on another level and has yet to be tapped in. Yet again, LongLiveHshawn is still in his prime, so he has a lot more to prove which is scary to think about.


So who would’ve thought a kid from Boston, would make such an impact at his age knowing how much effect he has on the scene so far? There’s more to come from the guy, and I won’t be surprised if the improvement is conspicuous. Like said before, this is only the beginning and it will be a matter of no time ‘til he’s “putting on for the city”. 



Ch!ld of A Star

As we all do, I look up at the sky from time to time, thinking about life as a whole and what it may bring. In the sky of course they’re stars, but while in Western mass staying at a campground, one star stood out to me in particular. That star is in development to be a substantial name when you think of Massachusetts music. His Virtuosity is why I say such a thing. Ladies and Gents grab your binoculars because I have found That Star. His name is Starch!ld.

I’ve had the chance to sit down with Star on and off camera, learning more about who he is and what standards he holds himself to. As far as his music, there’s no question his ability to create a symphonic and psychedelic sound, makes people attracted to his music . The most notable  thing about starch!ld is that his talent is multifaceted. 

He can do basically anything when it comes to songwriting and his vocal resonance. I also found out he used to produce, intertwining with his sur lyrical excellence (just a little something to make my rhetoric evident).  Not only can he give you bars and flow, but he can also make it seem like the second coming of your favorite R&B Artist. I know it may seem like a farfetched statement, but what I ultimately mean is his ability to become a vocalist and sing.

Starch!ld is in the prime of his career, which means he has more to offer, and his partnership with Mass made producer, KZ, has gotten him to another level then he already is at. When lyrics and production come together and blend how it should, the song comes out exquisitely. As of now, Starch!ld does not have what the typical media-known artist in this region has as far as connections, but while at the campgrounds, he most certainly made a name for himself then and there, impressing a lot of the fellow musicians. Like KZ, I didn’t really know much about him, but observing how he approached each track with no hesitation, made me realize how special this guy really is. If you saw what I saw in how he fabricates and constructs such appealing music, you would conclude the same thing.

He’s a star like no other, need I emphasize on that? Starch!ld’s artistry is universal and his ability to adapt to any track is preeminent juxtaposed to any artists that I have come across as of late. I know it may seem like another farfetched praise, but I honestly believe it’s well deserved. As cocky if it may sound, I tend to believe I am a great astronomer and can spot a bright star when I see one. Starch!ld is a star that will be noticed by many not only myself (Look back for a reference when I said “I told you so”).  As of now Starch!ld’s EP, “Love Ch!ld”, and collaboration piece s with Producer KZ  like the single “P!rates”, has given the young and underrated phenom some buzz locally. 

When more music is put out, expect more publicity about this guy. His name and music resonates well with his persona, which may appease to many people. He’s the Star’s child and as the child grows, the more bright it gets.



Here we are, me writing to you as an introduction to our newly webpage. It’s still unfathomable to see  how much we’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time. Reflecting on how we started to now, has shown me personally what it means to overcome adversarial situations. Clearly, there are a lot of things not seen behind the scenes that you may not understand. Just know, it was never peachy and keen. We’ve most certainly have gone through some dark moments in our journey. When it was only Gabe and I, it took a laborious amount of time to try and keep our identity. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had amazing times, even during that short period when it was hard. I can tell you though, we’ve felt what it meant to feel you’ve lost it all. What’s so beautiful about this thing called life is that it brings a lot of trials and tribulations. At the end of the day though, this will allow someone to grow and shape them to the person they were here to be. It’s honestly a healthy position to be in. Look at what a plant needs in order to grow to its highest potential. It’ll have its days where it receives as much water as possible, and it will also have its days where there’s no sight of water, but when it’s all set and done, they’ll receive that water needed when they didn’t have any, and the growth will be so evident. I guess you can say through it all, Life’s a trip. Like my good friend Suave once said “when times get hard, I can sit back and laugh”.

I approach each day optimistically, but I also acknowledge that things may hit the fan at any given point. It’s at these moments that you stand your ground, overcoming and embracing those difficulties that life can bring.

What makes Do Over Don’t so special and admirable, is the determination factor and the motivation we bring to each other to desire achievement. We try to reach heights never reached before, ultimately doing things never done before. To be real though, it’s just impossible to reach this goals without you guys reading this. You are the heart and soul of the reason for why we do what we do. Imagine trying to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without jelly, pasta with no sauce (if you eat pasta with no sauce and you’re 18, you’re different. No offense.). 

For real though, the support is unreal! I honestly don’t understand or can even comprehend what makes you guys to still consistently support us. All I can say, on the behalf of the team and I, it is sincerely appreciated. 

 So yeah, through the wire, through the fire, through whatever, we aren’t going anywhere…  I guess you can say we’re going ’til the limit. Even then, I will not allow the purpose and message to vanish. Like the great queen Chaka Khan once said, “Im not ready to kiss that dream goodbye.”