Strength in Numbers: FTB Artist J Wavy Releases New Video for “Interlude”

There are numerous collectives and groups based in New England that make great music. From the northern part of Maine to the southern half of Connecticut, musicians, producers, and industry creatives with common goals frequently band together in order to expand their individual fanbases, increase their overall network, and use teamwork to their full advantage. These early iterations of record labels pop up often, but unfortunately, most dissolve just as fast as they are created. To stay relevant and effective, consistency is the key. Delivering new content at a consistent rate, making smart business decisions, and constantly pushing music out all play a part in furthering the life of a collective. Just look at Brockton, Massachusetts-based Van Buren Records for example: in 2019 and 2020 its members released multiple projects, over 100 songs, countless videos, and kept up live performances until Covid landed. If you follow Massachusetts music in the slightest, then you’re well aware of where this constant stream of new content has positioned VB, and how they’ve continued to grow quickly.

However, Van Buren isn’t the only team in Massachusetts capable of making these types of waves. Let us, if you’re not familiar already, introduce you to another standout group based in Massachusetts: From The Bottom Records. Also known as “FTB”, this collective boasts a limited but potent roster including artists J Wavy, Sham Wes, key617, and audio engineer/artist Kingfrom98. The group’s most recent offering, a music video for J Wavy’s single titled “Interlude”, released just this past week, and effectively confirms their status as one of the most talented collections of artists in Massachusetts. Wavy, who is most known for his 2019 “From The Bottom” collab tape with Kingfrom98, delivers a very poignant performance on “Interlude”

The music video, directed and shot by FitzTheRunaway, initially opens to Wavy and an anonymous female engaging in a heated argument. As the two go back and forth, the altercation quickly turns physical, and Wavy finds himself on the wrong end of an open-handed slap. The scene eventually culminates with Wavy applying a band-aid to his now bruised cheek and showing his frustration from the prior disagreement by throwing a wine glass at the wall. As glass shards disperse across the room, the “Interlude” audio begins to play, and Wavy starts his performance in a window frame with the illuminated nighttime Boston skyline behind him. Throughout the rest of the video, we see the FTB artist in multiple settings; riding in a car alongside a close friend, looking at himself in the mirror, parked in downtown Boston, and periodically again disagreeing with the same anonymous female we were introduced to in the opening scene of the video. Overall, the “Interlude” music video provides J Wavy a way to visually describe all the negative emotional effects that various relationships have caused him over the years, a subject he frequently touches upon in his music. The opening hands-on dispute, the application of the band-aid, the broken wine glass, and a distressed bouquet of roses are all images that capture the same emotional energy and topics found within “Interlude” and so many of Wavy’s other releases.

Wavy and the rest of the From The Bottom roster tend to keep listeners on their toes, releasing music usually with little warning, but always delivering an extremely impressive product in the end. There have been some rumors of an increased amount of content to come in the near future from the group, which if true, we know we’ll be ready for. We hope that we can also expect another full-length project from J Wavy soon. If you’re unfamiliar with his previous two projects, the “From The Bottom” collab tape we mentioned earlier and his solo tape labeled “Mixed Feelings”, take a second to listen and you’ll understand the reason why we’re so hungry for another. While we look forward to what’s next, we recommend that you take a few minutes and watch the “Interlude” music video for yourself through the link below, and familiarize yourself with one of the most skilled up & coming artists our region has to offer.

“Interlude” Music video on YouTube:

Dynamic Duo: Director Xandros and Artist Johnny Finesse Drop “Joe Joe” Visual

Without visuals to accompany the audio, music would be a much different and much more lackluster art form. Music videos have been an important inclusion in marketing plans and rollout strategies for years, and the abilities of the videographers who shoot and direct them have only expanded. However, due to the relative ease cameras that shoot high-quality footage can be operated with today, it’s become common for themes and ideas to be often replicated on screen. Not many people who call themselves “videographers” or “directors”, actually have the skill, courage, or imagination to create videos that stand out from the rest.

There are, however, a select few individuals, who are well-equipped creatively and skilled enough in editing, to warp our perception of reality and create one-of-a-kind videos each time they pick up a camera or open After Effects. Gibson Hazard is a name that comes to mind quickly, as he’s built his reputation off of raising the bar of what’s possible with each new visual he puts forth. But, there are many more directors, who unfortunately don’t have the same level of fame and work without a budget in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, who also create impressive visuals.

With that being said, in this article DoOverDon’t has elected to champion a video director who fits the aforementioned description, as well as an artist with whom he frequently collaborates. This Massachusetts-based pair, director Xandros and musician Johnny Finesse, recently dropped a music video for Finesse’s song titled “Joe Joe” on YouTube. This being the third installment in their catalog together, the “Joe Joe” video admittedly had a lot to live up to. The two’s previous collabs, one for Finesse’s song titled “Johnny’s Bizarre Adventure” and the other for his track “A-/+ World”, each had their own unique visual effects accompanied by impressive vocals. But, after watching this video, it’s clear that both Xandros and Finesse were aware that “Joe Joe” needed to be something new and fresh when planning and shooting.

During the video, we find Finesse alone in the forest, as well as occasionally located near a body of water. As he performs, Xandros uses speed ramps, zoom transitions, and rapid light adjustments to visually match Finesse’s sonic speed and energy. Utilizing color to his full advantage, Xandros turns the blue sky to turf green and frequently exaggerates the colors that the trees and leaves surrounding Finesse have to offer. There are two main scenes that stand out in the video itself; one being the ground-level nighttime shot of Finesse performing through the quick flashing of a strobe light, and the other of the artists’ dancing silhouette dipped in some strange, fluid-like metallic mask. Both of these specific scenes truly bring the entire visual together. Finesse’s vocals are not to be overlooked in the slightest here either, as he effortlessly floats over the Cordot produced beat throughout.

We’ve attached a link to the “Joe Joe” music video at the bottom of this article, where you can experience everything we covered here for yourself. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the “Johnny’s Bizarre Adventure” and “A-/+ World” videos either, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. You can also find the “Joe Joe” audio on all of Johnny Finesse’s streaming service profiles, located inside of his last project: “Johnny’s Bizarre Adventure Pt. 1”.

Link to “Joe Joe” Video:

F is for Foolishness – tenTempo releases a new single “I hate your Friends”

It’s hard to truly identify who’s with you and who’s against you. Keep in mind, the advice that is given to you, it’s always best to take it with a grain of salt unless whatever it is their preaching is something you believe in. For the most part, you’ll get some individuals, not all, who are relationship wreckers let’s be honest. Whether it be with friends, family, or a significant other, I don’t think that was God’s purpose in their life to ruin treasured relationships, but it may sure seem like it. 


Listening to “I Hate Your Friends” by the young phenom tenTempo, really makes you want to hate the girl’s friends too. tenTempo, as he does so well, speaks on the factor of relationships once more only this time he speaks about the outsiders. Yeah, the ones who tell you what to do in your relationship as if you’re their puppet or something. Anyways, Tempo gives us his take on the friends of the girl he mentions, and how they aren’t beneficial to her life. They have her do a lot of things that don’t resemble the type of person Tempo knew her to be. He elaborates by expressing how the girl’s friends made it difficult for him to be with her.  


Man, I got to give it to him though. His patience is something I’ll need to instill in myself. I mean this man is still willing to work through a toxic relationship, especially with her doing the things she’s been doing. What keeps him going is the times when it’s just them too. Where they are isolated from the world. It seems their chemistry is unmatched. He’s willing to guide her in the right direction ultimately blaming her friends for her reckless behavior.


If you were to view the girl smoking cigarettes as a metaphor, it’s best to say that when he mentions her smoking cigarettes, he’s talking about all the toxic things the girl’s friends stir inside her brain. Even with him having the utmost patience, he still gets the feeling of hopelessness and questions why does he have so much love for this girl. Although it seems evident that they’ve been sort of distant, it doesn’t stop him from making things right. I got to say, when tenTempo loves, it’s clear to see my brother loves hard. 


It’s difficult for Tempo to let her go even though her actions are poisonous. The reason he emphasizes the excuse for her behavior is because of her friends. He’s not willing to cut ties or maybe even accept the idea that she’s this way. In fact, Tempo insists she cuts the ribbon before he does. 


Tempo lyrical excellence impresses me each day and honestly makes me writing reviews a lot more fun. Yet again, the kid is only 16 years old. So his ability to write music will be on another level as soon as we know it. It’s amazing what lyrics can do for someone. It can provide the ability to connect on a level where it’s so little but then is made to be paramount. For tenTempo, the love for the girl is unconditional yet toxic. It’s like a hot and cold relationship. It’s either one or the other, but when does it get to a point where it’s warm?

Here’s the link to the song:


The Butterfly Effect – Stbrn Sal releases new single “Spirit of the Butterfly” featuring Star Ch!ld and producer KZ

Psychadelic, Euphoric, what are other words to describe this masterpiece? It seems for Stbrn Sal, an underrated prodigy out of Massachusetts, alongside Star Ch!ld, and producer KZ, they had the right idea with this new single. The connection has only risen for these three artists. It will only be more apparent as time goes on. Can’t lie, I have anticipated this drop all week, pressing each artist to drop it instantly. It seemed only fitting to drop it on Mother Nature’s birthday.


Listening to the song for the first time, literally put a smile on my face. The beat gradually built up and all you can do let is your body receive the warm feeling it provides. The soothing background vocals also make the production A1. As Stbrn enters the track, we get the sensation and the vocal resonance that we’ve all been waiting for. As we hear Stbrn’s exceptional singing, we get an understanding of what he envisions love as. When he speaks on the female in the song, you can see that the affection he has for her is evident. He’s also aware that things could get in the way of their admiration for each other. Here’s hoping for him, the love they’ve to show each other last. It seems the feeling she gives him is something out of this world and is most certainly unfathomable. 


We then get the appearance from the virtuoso Star Ch!ld. He gives us the metaphors we all feel when it comes to that significant person (you know who I’m talking about). Star Ch!ld gives us an idea of his love he has for a particular female. He explains the relationship through the metaphors and it gives us, the listener, a clear depiction of what their intimacy looks like. The feeling they both give each other is evident through his lyrics and the chemistry is extroverted from every other typical relationship. Unfortunately, it seems that there had been a disconnect and for him, it’s something he reminisces and wishes to get back. 


All in all, I gotta say, this song is beyond beautiful. There’s a feeling unexplained when you listen to it for yourself. Please be sure you’ll give it a listen. The spirit that’s not only spoken about but given by these maestros only makes it more special. It gives folks a sense of optimism that although things may get messy when in relationships, there’s always something that brings them back. Needless to say, the stars and sun always align.

Here’s the link to the song:

Bridgeport’s Very Own – Connecticut bred NateOfficial releases his newest track “Really Lit”

Less than a hundred miles northeast of the bright lights and restless streets of New York City, you can find the Connecticut city of Bridgeport. In terms of population, Bridgeport’s roughly 150,000 residents are just a fraction of the over 8 million New Yorkers that call the same region of the United States home. When it comes to size, Bridgeport would essentially be one neighborhood, within one borough, within the entirety of New York City. These vast differences, in both population and size, make it relatively easy for this New England city to be overshadowed by the hip-hop powerhouse that New York City is and always has been. Therefore, we assume, that like us, you’ve made the mistake of allowing Bridgeport’s up & coming musicians to be an afterthought and have overlooked their work. Well, we’re here to acknowledge our failure to openly appreciate the music scene in Bridgeport until now, and finally, realize that the artists from the 5th largest city in New England could easily rival the rappers emerging from any other city within the region. Allow us to take a brief moment to focus on just one of the more talented acts rising out of Bridgeport: NateOfficial.


Following a nearly 7-month release hiatus, lasting from July 2020 to February 2021, NateOfficial recently put forth his second consecutive single in the same amount of months. Titled “Really Lit”, this slow-paced track is fully comprised of NateOfficial’s affectionate emotions directed towards an anonymous female. Effortless, one-line punch-ins and melodic adlibs fit seamlessly on top of gentle production and create a very intimate experience for anyone listening. With some lyrics too descriptive for us to directly quote here, NateOfficial makes it clear just how strong his attachment to this woman really is throughout the song. Overall, “Really Lit” is a sensual, descriptive back and forth, truthfully only lacking the female perspective of the engagement. If you’ve been looking for something to press play on while together with your significant other, or if you find yourself looking for an emotional track to play on a late-night drive, “Really Lit” is a perfect choice.


The laid-back, emotive style of production on both “Really Lit” and NateOfficial’s February release “Treat You Well”, coupled with his incredibly smooth vocals, is an extremely impressive combination. We know the quality of music NateOfficial is capable of creating, and that the artists he frequently collaborates with from Bridgeport, like Jay Esco and Smoovito, are just as capable. With that being said, it’s time that more ears find their way to Bridgeport’s music scene. We know that we’re excited to watch the southern tip of New England continue to evolve musically, and are equally excited for NateOfficial to continue his consistent releases. You can stream “Really Lit” on your preferred streaming platform through the link below, so be sure to let us know what you think when you listen!


Love Man, SMH : tenTempo releases his new single “Fallout”

“Who decided to get Tempo back on the mic once again cmon!” Y’all know better than to be playing with the kid! Yet again, tenTempo, a young musician out of Danvers, Massachusetts, gives the public another banger. It’s only in a matter of time until a project comes out. It’s plain and simple this young virtuoso has distinguished and proficient talent. With his latest single “Fallout”, it only makes the case for him being the next superstar come more and more to fruition. As you see how much praise I give Tempo, understand that I’m more than excited to see what’s yet to come from this maestro.


Now let’s get a deeper look into his recent track “Fallout” which by the way is available on all streaming platforms—so go ahead and stream that for me. Anyways, tenTempo gives us a raw emotional feeling about love and what it entails. At least for me, you tend to feel for Tempo as he also talks about the thought of being alone. His sentiment on relationships makes it conspicuous that being lonely is rough. He expresses how he feels left out in his connection with a girl who seems to not understand or comprehend empathy and sympathy.


Tempo’s analogy on love and relationships was perfect for the message that he was trying to convey. The thought of fallout is quintessential to the idea of being forlorn or abandoned. Personally, the track is enjoyable—yet again it is my personal opinion. I love how the song resonates. Overall, this song most certainly is a success, and I hope and pray that my thoughts also resonate with the majority of people. 


What makes songs so special, especially a song like this is that music can be interpreted in so many ways. An individual’s interpretation of music is beautiful because of its power to connect with the audience. It’s remarkable to see what reading between the lines can do for you. 



“Roses” – Bri-C (Feat. Rino) SINGLE

As Do Over Don’t begins to advance our involvement within the New England music scene, to blogs and articles highlighting some of the region’s most talented artists, it seems only fitting that one of the first pieces of music we cover comes from Massachusetts’ artist Bri-C. If you’re not familiar with his work already, Bri-C has been a constant inclusion in almost all “Who’s Next in Massachusetts” discussions for the past few years. He’s been putting out music that features genres like hip-hop and pop consistently. Since around 2017, Bri-C has collaborated with various rising musicians from states like Massachusetts and even more broad. He’s most certainly built a substantive base with outlets like social media and music streaming platforms. For those who have been tuned in to Bri-C for a while, his most recent release, “Roses”, is yet another strong showing in what seems like a never-ending stream of truly great music from the Taunton, MA artist. “Roses” also features another Mass artist, Rino, who last appeared almost two years ago on Bri-C’s single “3 Peat”, where he delivered an incredibly catchy hook and a melodic verse to match.


“Roses” is an emotional track, as the duo performs a detailed reflection on the end of a recent relationship between them and an anonymous female. Bri-C explains on the opening hook that at first he believed his relationship with the female was going well; until she showed her “true colors”  and unfortunately broke his heart. Following the hook, Rino takes his verse to voice the frustration that the abrupt end of this relationship has caused. He describes the pain she induced, and the confusion he’s experienced because of her actions. However, as his verse comes to a close, he takes the last few bars to reveal a feeling of regret, and surprisingly, asks for forgiveness from this female. Ultimately, Bri-C brings this emotional rollercoaster to a halt with the final verse, and firmly decides for the two artists that although there is still a connection with her emotionally; it’s best to just learn from this experience and push through the pain of not being together with this female in the long run.


For most long-time Bri-C fans, it was extremely exciting to see “Feat. Rino” on the cover art for “Roses” when it was announced via Instagram. The two have created a sort of cult following for their rare collaborations, and after hearing the song, it’s safe to say that for a large majority of listeners this excitement was not misplaced. If you haven’t had a chance to take a listen yet, “Roses” is available to stream everywhere now and you can easily find it through the link we’ve provided below. Bri-C is also a featured artist on our “By Any Means Necessary” project, which can be found on the “Projects” tab of our website now! 

“Roses” Link: