Ch!ld of A Star

As we all do, I look up at the sky from time to time, thinking about life as a whole and what it may bring. In the sky of course they’re stars, but while in Western mass staying at a campground, one star stood out to me in particular. That star is in development to be a substantial name when you think of Massachusetts music. His Virtuosity is why I say such a thing. Ladies and Gents grab your binoculars because I have found That Star. His name is Starch!ld.

I’ve had the chance to sit down with Star on and off camera, learning more about who he is and what standards he holds himself to. As far as his music, there’s no question his ability to create a symphonic and psychedelic sound, makes people attracted to his music . The most notable  thing about starch!ld is that his talent is multifaceted. 

He can do basically anything when it comes to songwriting and his vocal resonance. I also found out he used to produce, intertwining with his sur lyrical excellence (just a little something to make my rhetoric evident).  Not only can he give you bars and flow, but he can also make it seem like the second coming of your favorite R&B Artist. I know it may seem like a farfetched statement, but what I ultimately mean is his ability to become a vocalist and sing.

Starch!ld is in the prime of his career, which means he has more to offer, and his partnership with Mass made producer, KZ, has gotten him to another level then he already is at. When lyrics and production come together and blend how it should, the song comes out exquisitely. As of now, Starch!ld does not have what the typical media-known artist in this region has as far as connections, but while at the campgrounds, he most certainly made a name for himself then and there, impressing a lot of the fellow musicians. Like KZ, I didn’t really know much about him, but observing how he approached each track with no hesitation, made me realize how special this guy really is. If you saw what I saw in how he fabricates and constructs such appealing music, you would conclude the same thing.

He’s a star like no other, need I emphasize on that? Starch!ld’s artistry is universal and his ability to adapt to any track is preeminent juxtaposed to any artists that I have come across as of late. I know it may seem like another farfetched praise, but I honestly believe it’s well deserved. As cocky if it may sound, I tend to believe I am a great astronomer and can spot a bright star when I see one. Starch!ld is a star that will be noticed by many not only myself (Look back for a reference when I said “I told you so”).  As of now Starch!ld’s EP, “Love Ch!ld”, and collaboration piece s with Producer KZ  like the single “P!rates”, has given the young and underrated phenom some buzz locally. 

When more music is put out, expect more publicity about this guy. His name and music resonates well with his persona, which may appease to many people. He’s the Star’s child and as the child grows, the more bright it gets.


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