Back again with another Boston based artist…my friends I present to you Ishan, otherwise known as @Ishantherapper on Instagram, where he’s just scratching the surface of 30k followers. That being said it’s evident that he is escalating in the industry at the age of 22. In one of Ishan’s past songs “no prisoners” he mentions that he started making music when he was 17. The passion behind his work tells me he’s really dedicated himself to the game these past 4 years. January 28th the local rapper dropped his single “DND” on all platforms. After speaking with Ishan I was able to gain insight on this track and what it meant to him in the making, he said “I go into every process with a particular message or motive. DND was pretty much about this next level in my career, I just got off the most monumental year of music I’ve ever had and things are moving pretty quick now. So distractions and things that aren’t gonna benefit me, my team, or my career are on hold right now. Do not disturb is a mantra I’ve had to apply to my life in order to stay focused on what we are working towards you know?” I’d just like to say that I’ve gotten a really great vibe from Ishan and he truly exudes the work ethic he has through how he carries himself, his lyrics, his energy, etc. It’s all great. I’d be honored to be at one of his shows when the world realizes how unmatched his talent is. I asked him what his favorite bar is of the song, one that he’d hoped would stand out to listeners. He said “ I’d say the whole bridge is such an important part of the song to me it’s hard to pick one bar. That whole section was so purely from the heart it took no real thought to write. 

If I had to pick just one bar it would be “Script getting flipped if the difference in symmetry.” The meaning behind that bar was in regard to anyone who is on my team or I’m conducting business with or simply doing a song with, anyone affiliated with me. We have to be able to see eye to eye every step of the way, the visions gotta be equal. So if there is a point in which we don’t see eye to eye because their intentions for me are not in my best interest, then we can’t play our roles as needed so the whole situation is flipped, tarnished.”

He says his biggest influences in the rap game are Kanye, because he proved that you could be a rapper and a producer and exceed both. Other than Ye would be Biggie, Joey Bada$$, and Big Pun. Evidently, the rapper has more than just one trade. He took it upon himself to mix, master, and produce DND all himself, and I would assume he’s done that for his other tracks as well. A man of many trades; an icon in the making just like Ye. When you go to Ishan’s discography (which I know you will after reading this) try and prove me wrong when I say there are no skips. None to be found. As a genuine human being I am telling you this guy is the REAL DEAL. DO NOT SLEEP. Seriously impressed. He’s got a great head on his shoulders I can tell just from minimal conversation and taking a look into his vlogs and interviews. Someone I’d think would be great friends with J. Cole. Take a look at his latest vlog up on his Instagram bio if you want a sneak peek into a recent Brockton performance (his first time performing DND live) and interview at the end. Keep an open eye and a ready ear for Ishan on the rise! 

Yours truly, 

Hope Shanley