F is for Foolishness – tenTempo releases a new single “I hate your Friends”

It’s hard to truly identify who’s with you and who’s against you. Keep in mind, the advice that is given to you, it’s always best to take it with a grain of salt unless whatever it is their preaching is something you believe in. For the most part, you’ll get some individuals, not all, who are relationship wreckers let’s be honest. Whether it be with friends, family, or a significant other, I don’t think that was God’s purpose in their life to ruin treasured relationships, but it may sure seem like it. 


Listening to “I Hate Your Friends” by the young phenom tenTempo, really makes you want to hate the girl’s friends too. tenTempo, as he does so well, speaks on the factor of relationships once more only this time he speaks about the outsiders. Yeah, the ones who tell you what to do in your relationship as if you’re their puppet or something. Anyways, Tempo gives us his take on the friends of the girl he mentions, and how they aren’t beneficial to her life. They have her do a lot of things that don’t resemble the type of person Tempo knew her to be. He elaborates by expressing how the girl’s friends made it difficult for him to be with her.  


Man, I got to give it to him though. His patience is something I’ll need to instill in myself. I mean this man is still willing to work through a toxic relationship, especially with her doing the things she’s been doing. What keeps him going is the times when it’s just them too. Where they are isolated from the world. It seems their chemistry is unmatched. He’s willing to guide her in the right direction ultimately blaming her friends for her reckless behavior.


If you were to view the girl smoking cigarettes as a metaphor, it’s best to say that when he mentions her smoking cigarettes, he’s talking about all the toxic things the girl’s friends stir inside her brain. Even with him having the utmost patience, he still gets the feeling of hopelessness and questions why does he have so much love for this girl. Although it seems evident that they’ve been sort of distant, it doesn’t stop him from making things right. I got to say, when tenTempo loves, it’s clear to see my brother loves hard. 


It’s difficult for Tempo to let her go even though her actions are poisonous. The reason he emphasizes the excuse for her behavior is because of her friends. He’s not willing to cut ties or maybe even accept the idea that she’s this way. In fact, Tempo insists she cuts the ribbon before he does. 


Tempo lyrical excellence impresses me each day and honestly makes me writing reviews a lot more fun. Yet again, the kid is only 16 years old. So his ability to write music will be on another level as soon as we know it. It’s amazing what lyrics can do for someone. It can provide the ability to connect on a level where it’s so little but then is made to be paramount. For tenTempo, the love for the girl is unconditional yet toxic. It’s like a hot and cold relationship. It’s either one or the other, but when does it get to a point where it’s warm?

Here’s the link to the song: https://linktr.ee/officialtentempo


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