Kay Bans – a name Boston is quickly becoming familiar with after dropping his new project “Heart Break Kay”…

Boston based artist Kay Bans released his album H.B.K. (Heart Break Kay) on all streaming platforms this week on January 26th. This is his second project out, the first being his EP “NEW YEAR SAME DEMON” including 3 tracks. The album honestly blew me off my feet. It was one of those listens that you have to background check the guy and make sure you’re not being catfished because they sound THAT legit. It’s incredible the hidden gems Boston holds with astounding undiscovered talent. It’s hard to pick the best of 11 great songs, but I will say I was drawn in by “100up+Day&Nite” and “Hurtin” tracks 4 and 5. When asked about the moral behind this project, Kay said “These songs were all created in different times of the year. I didn’t even think this was going to be the tape until we simmered down what vibes go with what. I have so much music in the vault, songs that I made far before these that are as good or even better. I just wanted to be structured about the way I dropped content. When I drop, I want it to hit hard… I don’t necessarily have a motive, as I am inspired by a lot of past events in my life. From past relationships, friendships gone wrong, etc. I’m big on friendship, realness, all that. I don’t like to be done wrong, cause If that’s the case, you shouldn’t just be in that persons life. And I’ve been done lot, so I used that to my advantage in my lyrics” I really, seriously dig the album. It’s something I would personally have on my playlist, and I’d be blind to the fact he’s not a mainstream artist (yet). Don’t be surprised when he blows up; I know I’m not afraid to place my bets on this guy. Honorable producers went out of their way to get in touch about working on this project such as Dreamz, Jaysworld, Noevdv, Wave, Aybigbro (Kay Bans best friend that also engineered the whole tape), Hennedy (also a good friend of the artist) along with other producers tapped in on other tracks. Kay says “My best friend is my engineer. So it allowed this process to be so much easier. He understands me as a person.” Working with people you connect with has always proven to do well, so I love that. My only complaint if anything would be that I wish his voice was amplified just a little bit more because it’s so great and it blends so nicely with the beat. Not diminishing the sound quality whatsoever, it sounds nothing short of professional. I would just like his voice to be slightly louder. There’s a good chance it’s just the speakers in my ‘98 Camry too. Now go listen, you won’t be disappointed. Be on the lookout for what’s next to come from Kay Bans!

Yours truly,

Hope Shanley

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