Illy Dee Drops “Last Day In” with Video

Boston based artist Illy Dee releases single “Last Day In” March 6th 2022 with music video under 7981 Kal’s YouTube profile as he is associated with Illy Dee in H$M. While this song meets modern rap standards he displays his talents with a combination of drill and Detroit inspired music. The visuals were shot and directed by Rell, a Massachusetts grown talent as well. This release between the track and the video didn’t seem to unveil a major storyline however it is presumed to be a piece rooted from his recent experiences with adversity while finding himself a free man once again. Sources have said his upcoming song is called “Free Kal”. We aren’t sure when it’ll be released to platforms, but within his latest release “First Day Out” was his first release since being freed from incarceration for over the span of a year, nearly arriving on 2 now. While being incarcerated, his management team was able to promote his track “I Smell P**sy” featuring BJ Baller that dropped in 2021, and was able to hop on a few features like “Yellow Tape” by Aye Malvone, & “WYWD!?” by Zazi. From the looks of it, it was prior to his arrest in 2020 after Illy Dee dropped his first album “Neighborhood Bully” with some notable features from Detroit’s own FWC Big Key and Rio Da Young OG, and Boston’s own G Fredo. With new beginnings comes new opportunities and this city is thrilled to hear and see more of Illy Dee on the rise. 

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Hope Shanley

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