King of February, Fall River Artist Havi Drops New Project

Fall River based artist Javier Mendez, popularly known as ”Havi” has taken back his royalty as the King of February with his annual Valentine’s Day release Good. Guys. Finish. Last. The EP name was based on the concept that Nice guys are overlooked and usually end up broken-hearted” , says Havi. I asked, was there a motive behind one or more of the songs, or did the project have its own concept as a whole? He replied, “Well I always keep Valentine’s Day In the back of my mind as an artist, especially because I’ve chosen to drop on the 14th for three years running. Mixing my own experience with my artistic abilities, I hope over the six tracks I achieved what was attempted. As far as a specific motive behind the songs there wasn’t really a cohesive thought I started with and stuck to.” He says his personal favorite tracks are 3 and 6 (Stress Reliever and Last Time/G.G.F.L). “Stress reliever was very fun to make and I felt would stick out because of how oddly but nicely it stands from the other songs” Stress Reliever lives up to its title by giving you that chill vibe while keeping things upbeat. Relieving all of our stress and worries, Havi blessed us once again. This project was engineered by KZ (ProdbyKz) and produced by Benson (Rubyredbenny). Other contributors are Lxdhn on all visuals and Star Ch!ld’s feature on Nobody track 4. Havi says he has been inspired by artists like Miguel, Tory Lanez and Brent Faiyaz. “The way I make music is, I usually start with a feeling and develop a hook based off of that. You’ll find the most meaning in the hook.” This is my favorite project of Havi’s so far. You’ll notice how much more focused he’s becoming as an artist, the proof is in the product. His style and aesthetic are coming together nicely as everyone’s trying to find their niche as artists. I’m confident that if he sticks with the Valentine’s Day annual theme it’ll just get better every year and he’ll be crowned the righteous King of February. Havi says “It kind of came together naturally, the songs started being made as late as last June and the last song was finished a week before released” That being said not everything is best planned out. With the right dedication and intention, things will fall into place the way they’re meant to. My personal favorite from this project is Nobody featuring Star Ch!ld, it was a commendable collaboration that I’m excited to hear more from. These two are just 2/7 of their collaborative group The Pirates. You can find out more on our most recent Podcast with Stbrn Sal, Kz, Havi and Star Ch!ld. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me that enjoys Hip Hop/Rnb music you just might find yourself listening to Havi. Signing off this time with Best Regards,

Hope Shanley

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