Rockstar Made: Rexobn

“Rockstar Lifestyle might not make it!” In this case, for the upcoming artist, Rexobn, it’s definite that he’s on the rise to making himself a notable name within the music industry. It’s crazy to see how far he’s coming from when I first met Rex. Fortunately, we got to talk on and off camera, and I can honestly say he’s shown me the utmost hospitality, and that is all I can ask out of someone. Back to his music though. I’ve covered a lot of rappers and artists in the present day and although it’s evident, Rexobn is one of the most versatile artists in the Massachusetts scene. His ability to appeal to all types of different genres, specifically Hip Hop as well as Rock, is why I say such a thing. Just peep it for yourself and you tell me otherwise. 


From the start of his career, Rexobn has always appeared with LongLiveHshawn on tracks like “LAX”, “Rockstar Sh!t”, as well as “Slow”, on our collaborative project, “By Any Means Necessary”. Just take a look at him now, Rexobn has shown vast growth, branching off to the style that has worked for him and appeals to that audience. He’s also shown progression with the rise of his social media, from platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Most of you guys might be surprised, but I do not have a TikTok currently. I can honestly say though, TikTok can be a useful platform to expand your base and gain exposure if utilized right. This does not undermine the fact that Rex’s virtuosity is inevitable. He’s allowed people like myself to open their eyes to different styles of music. The ability to gravitate to other listeners is something Rexobn has in the bag of tricks he walks around with subtly. I’m sure if he’s able to adapt to the style he’s known for today, alongside working with rappers, there’s no question that his sound will resonate with a whole variety of different genres.


Rexobn has a lot to prove though, this isn’t the end of the road for the young prodigy. His following and fanbase are only going to enlarge from here. It’s been a pleasure thus far to say I’ve gotten to know Rexobn as not just the artist, but the man behind the art. We’ll see what’s in store from him moving forward. Hypothetically, if y’all were sleeping, I’m hoping reading this was sort of your alarm clock. Contradictive to the title, but I sincerely don’t believe that a rockstar has been made recently, more of that it’s established. Hopefully your not reading this before it’s too late.



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