The Butterfly Effect – Stbrn Sal releases new single “Spirit of the Butterfly” featuring Star Ch!ld and producer KZ

Psychadelic, Euphoric, what are other words to describe this masterpiece? It seems for Stbrn Sal, an underrated prodigy out of Massachusetts, alongside Star Ch!ld, and producer KZ, they had the right idea with this new single. The connection has only risen for these three artists. It will only be more apparent as time goes on. Can’t lie, I have anticipated this drop all week, pressing each artist to drop it instantly. It seemed only fitting to drop it on Mother Nature’s birthday.


Listening to the song for the first time, literally put a smile on my face. The beat gradually built up and all you can do let is your body receive the warm feeling it provides. The soothing background vocals also make the production A1. As Stbrn enters the track, we get the sensation and the vocal resonance that we’ve all been waiting for. As we hear Stbrn’s exceptional singing, we get an understanding of what he envisions love as. When he speaks on the female in the song, you can see that the affection he has for her is evident. He’s also aware that things could get in the way of their admiration for each other. Here’s hoping for him, the love they’ve to show each other last. It seems the feeling she gives him is something out of this world and is most certainly unfathomable. 


We then get the appearance from the virtuoso Star Ch!ld. He gives us the metaphors we all feel when it comes to that significant person (you know who I’m talking about). Star Ch!ld gives us an idea of his love he has for a particular female. He explains the relationship through the metaphors and it gives us, the listener, a clear depiction of what their intimacy looks like. The feeling they both give each other is evident through his lyrics and the chemistry is extroverted from every other typical relationship. Unfortunately, it seems that there had been a disconnect and for him, it’s something he reminisces and wishes to get back. 


All in all, I gotta say, this song is beyond beautiful. There’s a feeling unexplained when you listen to it for yourself. Please be sure you’ll give it a listen. The spirit that’s not only spoken about but given by these maestros only makes it more special. It gives folks a sense of optimism that although things may get messy when in relationships, there’s always something that brings them back. Needless to say, the stars and sun always align.

Here’s the link to the song:

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