The Hometown’s Hero – In Loving Memory of Terrence Clarke

They say Legends never die, I say they’re right in that statement. Unfortunately, the world has lost a living legend and one of the most beloved individuals within our community we call home. Devastatingly enough, we lost Terrence Clarke, a rising basketball star from Dorchester. When hearing the news my heart dropped. You tend to reflect on what he has done for the community and how much talent he had. Looking back at that just made me more devastated than I already was.


In situations like this, it’s hard to find the words to truly explain how important he is. Terrence was just like you and me. A child of God with a dream, a kid with an aspiration to strive for better. It’s safe to say there aren’t recognizable athletes within the state of Massachusetts, but Terrence, needless to say, my brother was a  different breed on the court. His unique ability and talent gave kids hope. It’s so admirable when you have a guy like that have so much impact and utilize it in a positive way. Terrence Clarke was beloved within the community and would always give back when he could. He put the city on his back and for a person like myself who has so much pride in my home, it’s inspiring to say the least. 


On behalf of all of us, we are more than proud of what he had achieved in his time on earth. Terrence was set to be drafted in the NBA and was hoping to even be a Celtic one day who knows. Either way, all of us would have cheered him on as he is and always will be an essential piece of Boston. The story of the Hometown Hero doesn’t end with the tragic end to his demise, but the beginning of what is yet to be celebrated. Tupac once said death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive.” Let’s all take from what Terrence has taught us about work ethic and unconditional love for the people unknown. Rest in peace King.


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