The Life of the Vocal percussion – Saint Lyor releases his latest single “Talking Drums”

You see, utilizing your voice goes a long way. It’s one of those things that we question or critique public figures of any kind for not doing just that, and it just tends to be seen as more of a moral obligation. It may also seem objective in some regard, but it’s impressive to see more than ever that there are people with an audience that take advantage of their ability and make a positive impact. Others, well, significantly shift the paradigm from what it was. See it as a positive connotation. How we should ultimately judge that impact comes down to how loud and vocal it can reach. It’s only if like… Drums could talk.


I’m sure you heard just that if you got to let your ears listen to Mr. Lyor, aka Saint Lyor’s newest track, “Talking Drums.” In the song, he utilized his vocals to convey his philosophy and informative things that enabled him to thrive and grow as a human being. Knowledge is key, they say. So what did he state in the song that made this clear?


Saint Lyor made it apparent in the first verse that my man didn’t drop out of college. He graduated. I know, crazy, right. An artist of his caliber graduated and got his degree. SHIFTING THE PARADIGM. This allowed Mr.Lyor to gain credibility throughout the song as he talks more about prioritizing his essentials, whether his mental health or relationship with the family. He understands the value of his cognizance, which allows him to strive for better not only for his inner circle but those who listen. Yeah, guys, that’s us.  


On a side note,Mr.Lyor, if you’re reading this, HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT TOP NOTCH? Let me put you guys on woah quickly. In the chorus, Saint Lyor references Top-Notch, a Jamaican Restaurant in Randolph, MA, and is where I’m from. Anyways, he talks about the owner whose (and I can’t make this up) name is “Mr.N****.” He implies that he understands a lot as well as the “big picture.”


Now, if you were to see this metaphorically, it’s best to see it as Mr.Lyor reflecting on his ancestors and seeing what they had to sacrifice to help their future generations like himself. No, I don’t see this as far-fetched at all. 


This leads to the following parts of the song, in which he makes it apparent that his knowledge and intellect feel like divinity and how he’s now able to format his philosophy of morality. They call it the Divine Command Theory(just to throw that out there).


You can get a sense of what he says on how we ought to be: that he feels his moral obligation is to not only spread positivity but to inform, and inspire his listeners. In addition, he perceives his responsibility is to strive for greatness on and off the mic.  


What I find unique with his philosophy is his idea of not ultimately letting history repeat itself. Saying verses like “Keep on going and study the ancients” depicts how he sees we should approach this ongoing current affair. Adding on, the universal message that he preaches as a whole is to become one with yourself. Now that’s talking on the drums!


The power in understanding makes the metaphor of talking drums come to light if you genuinely gave it thought. Individuality has been lost in some regard, and it seemed essential to convey precisely what’s problematic. When you come to grips with valuing your self-worth high, you see the sky isn’t the limit. 


To unravel much more of the meaning, Saint Lyor also touches on the concept of untapped potential. It’s the idea that is a combination of embracing what you know and what you have yet to learn. Some things that you’re intellectual about may seem odd to the naked eye, but recognize the distinction to be so. 


We’ve unpacked a lot, haven’t we? As much as this single taught us a lot, the message can’t lose its validity. We must allow the words to ring well with us so we remember what has been conveyed. But at the end of the day, let yourself be the talking drum. Come to a point where you cognate with the percussion so well, the noise becomes irresistible.


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