LongLiveHshawn: Who Would’ve Thought?!

There’s doubt within all of us from time to time. Not to say we are all weak-minded individuals, but more we lack the strength of realizing that unfortunate situations are temporary. It’s hard to say for the young phenom, LongLiveHshawn, that he’s lacking confidence or belief in himself, even though he claims he has felt unassertive throughout his journey. Why I find it so difficult to believe is because his ambition and urge to create music are so evident. It’s a confidence that we all try to strive for, and it seems if my man has got it down pat.


For LongLiveHshawn, the plan is simple, and that’s to be the future of the music industry, the next one to become Massachusetts’ next big thing. How he approaches his work makes it an enjoyable environment. It’s entertaining to see the inspirations and influence that he gets when approaching his music. Getting to know LongLive allowed me to examine who he was outside of his music. His genuine attitude, and work ethic, allow me to see that his plan will one day come to fruition. Ultimately, I respect the person he is today and is soon to be for tomorrow.


With songs like “Confusing” doing numbers at the start of his career, had given people a glimpse to see what the newly virtuoso was all about. He tends to get a lot of comparison to rappers up to date, for instance, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, but I can tell you first hand that he’s a student of the gameObviously, I mean his music. He wants to make sure any song he puts out is the best quality work coming out of your speakers. His cognizance about the whole shebang when it comes to music and what you need to do to build a brand has been essential to his development.  


Social media has most certainly allowed LongLiveHshawn to continue to expand his’ fanbase and recognition from the music industry. The resources of Instagram and Tik Tok have enabled LongLive to grow and see what works and what doesn’t. The prodigy has proven time and time again that he belongs in the Industry and that he’s capable of making G.O.O.D. music. 


With songs like Hurt, Neva thought, and LAX, which are some of my favorites from his catalog, it’s clear that his potential is on another level and has yet to be tapped in. Yet again, LongLiveHshawn is still in his prime, so he has a lot more to prove which is scary to think about.


So who would’ve thought a kid from Boston, would make such an impact at his age knowing how much effect he has on the scene so far? There’s more to come from the guy, and I won’t be surprised if the improvement is conspicuous. Like said before, this is only the beginning and it will be a matter of no time ‘til he’s “putting on for the city”. 



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