Archy Drops EP “21 (Love to Give)”

Boston based artist Archy drops another project, this time an Extended Play, called “21 (Love to Give)” on all major streaming platforms. Considering the title was a take on his most recent album “21” it makes you wonder, why make a 4 song EP when he could’ve just made the album deluxe? Maybe the meaning behind this project will speak for itself. Archy says, “

Love to Give is the concept that throughout my whole life I’ve been a giver. When people give too much though, they get taken advantage of. In that case, I’ve shown love to a lot of females who took it for granted, when I put them first they couldn’t do the same. So when you look at the titles of my songs, you can see how it relates to the effects of giving out too much love and energy.” Just more proof of how we fail to reciprocate as a society. We can at least thank the humans that hurt us for the motive to create some beautiful art. “Best you ever had”, “I Don’t Need Your Love” “Sticks n stones” “You and I”. Archy’s favorite bar on this piece is “Blood on the floor, I don’t care I’m not gone/gonna clean it up” he says “This was my favorite line because it could have multiple meanings the way you look at it. Almost like a double entendre.

  • From being heart broken figuratively if my heart were to break in half all of the blood were to spill all over the place and leave a mess. 
  • Being backstabbed I would bleed out on the floor.
  • In arguments and break-ups things get very “messy” and blood is the symbol of something that happens too often. I’m tired of cleaning up the mess that someone else made.

It all depends on how you look at it, there could be unlimited meanings.”

Demonstrating passion behind music is what we need to see and hear more of. Putting meaning behind the lyrics and taking the time to break it down for listeners to conceptualize it is true dedication. ”KSully and Jacmac have been my main two guys to work with because they have very similar interests in music and styles. Working over 8 months with Sully we’ve made a bond and chemistry working together so when he’s producing or engineering we’re always on the same page. More recently I’ve become great friends with Jacmac. He’s very talented and hardworking. Both of them together help me strive and rise to the same level as them.” Says the artist. When I asked how much dedication was put into this, or if it kind of came together naturally, he replied “ In my city, February is a big music month. Everyone was dropping love songs, and stuff for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to leave that month for my guys to succeed and continue what they do every year, but I didn’t want to miss out so I dropped the project first thing in March. Most of these songs were finished already or planned, and they all fit perfectly so I put them all on the same project.” Believe in trusting the process and being patient! Archy says Pierre is an artist that inspires him in the music game “ I really started to grow on him after his tm88 collab and since then I’ve gone back and listened to all of his music and became inspired because of the talent he holds as not only and artist but a producer. He reminds me a lot of what Kz could really become once he pops off as an artist. An artist I’d say local that inspires me is Star Ch!ld. For someone who hasn’t dropped in over a year, everytime I hear some unreleased from him it makes me want to get in the studio and create, that’s one person that always allows me to get better and want to improve.” He’s speaking from the heart and speaking his truth, like he does so well in his music and his persona. Archy takes no days off when it comes to chasing his dreams and enjoying every drop of music. Be on the lookout for content to come while we know there’s nothing getting in his way. Archy will make a mark one day, just wait and see. Be sure to follow on Instagram @archydagreat and Archy on streaming platforms. 

Yours truly,

Hope Shanley

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