Bridgeport’s Very Own – Connecticut bred NateOfficial releases his newest track “Really Lit”

Less than a hundred miles northeast of the bright lights and restless streets of New York City, you can find the Connecticut city of Bridgeport. In terms of population, Bridgeport’s roughly 150,000 residents are just a fraction of the over 8 million New Yorkers that call the same region of the United States home. When it comes to size, Bridgeport would essentially be one neighborhood, within one borough, within the entirety of New York City. These vast differences, in both population and size, make it relatively easy for this New England city to be overshadowed by the hip-hop powerhouse that New York City is and always has been. Therefore, we assume, that like us, you’ve made the mistake of allowing Bridgeport’s up & coming musicians to be an afterthought and have overlooked their work. Well, we’re here to acknowledge our failure to openly appreciate the music scene in Bridgeport until now, and finally, realize that the artists from the 5th largest city in New England could easily rival the rappers emerging from any other city within the region. Allow us to take a brief moment to focus on just one of the more talented acts rising out of Bridgeport: NateOfficial.


Following a nearly 7-month release hiatus, lasting from July 2020 to February 2021, NateOfficial recently put forth his second consecutive single in the same amount of months. Titled “Really Lit”, this slow-paced track is fully comprised of NateOfficial’s affectionate emotions directed towards an anonymous female. Effortless, one-line punch-ins and melodic adlibs fit seamlessly on top of gentle production and create a very intimate experience for anyone listening. With some lyrics too descriptive for us to directly quote here, NateOfficial makes it clear just how strong his attachment to this woman really is throughout the song. Overall, “Really Lit” is a sensual, descriptive back and forth, truthfully only lacking the female perspective of the engagement. If you’ve been looking for something to press play on while together with your significant other, or if you find yourself looking for an emotional track to play on a late-night drive, “Really Lit” is a perfect choice.


The laid-back, emotive style of production on both “Really Lit” and NateOfficial’s February release “Treat You Well”, coupled with his incredibly smooth vocals, is an extremely impressive combination. We know the quality of music NateOfficial is capable of creating, and that the artists he frequently collaborates with from Bridgeport, like Jay Esco and Smoovito, are just as capable. With that being said, it’s time that more ears find their way to Bridgeport’s music scene. We know that we’re excited to watch the southern tip of New England continue to evolve musically, and are equally excited for NateOfficial to continue his consistent releases. You can stream “Really Lit” on your preferred streaming platform through the link below, so be sure to let us know what you think when you listen!


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