GNipsey and Millyz Release “Urus”

New music home grown from Boston all the way to California, up and coming rapper GNipsey lands feature with rising star Millyz resulting in single “Urus” with a music video reaching 80k views. When you hear the word simple, you might notice it has a negative connotation to being “boring”. Well, there was no need to go back and forth and complicate things with two talents that have the capacity to carry the song themselves. They kept things simple by evenly splitting the song in half between two minutes starting with Millyz and ending soundly with Gnipsey. This is a big step for not only Gnipsey, but for Boston as a city and culture. Millyz is nearly one of the hottest artists out right now from MA. This collaboration shows union, proof of success, and the evidence of this city’s potential. They’re Cambridge’s two heaviest hitters and this is huge that they’re dropping together considering it’s been a while. It’s certain this duo didn’t come to play. Gnipsey has had other features with bigger named artists like Lil Reese and 7981 Kal, never ceasing to impress his fans; however, I’d say this one in particular is groundbreaking for his upcoming career. Millyz is becoming more and more relevant and continues to apply pressure in the industry. When I asked if there was any drive behind this release, Nipsey said there was “No specific motive behind the song, just made it built off of good energy in California. Momentum, good liquor and good vibes made the song what it is”. Tune in on all platforms and take two minutes of your time to watch the official music video on YouTube. Don’t miss out on what’s to come from GNipsey and Millyz, and don’t you dare to underestimate our city. 

Yours truly,

Hope Shanley

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