Love Man, SMH : tenTempo releases his new single “Fallout”

“Who decided to get Tempo back on the mic once again cmon!” Y’all know better than to be playing with the kid! Yet again, tenTempo, a young musician out of Danvers, Massachusetts, gives the public another banger. It’s only in a matter of time until a project comes out. It’s plain and simple this young virtuoso has distinguished and proficient talent. With his latest single “Fallout”, it only makes the case for him being the next superstar come more and more to fruition. As you see how much praise I give Tempo, understand that I’m more than excited to see what’s yet to come from this maestro.


Now let’s get a deeper look into his recent track “Fallout” which by the way is available on all streaming platforms—so go ahead and stream that for me. Anyways, tenTempo gives us a raw emotional feeling about love and what it entails. At least for me, you tend to feel for Tempo as he also talks about the thought of being alone. His sentiment on relationships makes it conspicuous that being lonely is rough. He expresses how he feels left out in his connection with a girl who seems to not understand or comprehend empathy and sympathy.


Tempo’s analogy on love and relationships was perfect for the message that he was trying to convey. The thought of fallout is quintessential to the idea of being forlorn or abandoned. Personally, the track is enjoyable—yet again it is my personal opinion. I love how the song resonates. Overall, this song most certainly is a success, and I hope and pray that my thoughts also resonate with the majority of people. 


What makes songs so special, especially a song like this is that music can be interpreted in so many ways. An individual’s interpretation of music is beautiful because of its power to connect with the audience. It’s remarkable to see what reading between the lines can do for you. 



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