“Roses” – Bri-C (Feat. Rino) SINGLE

As Do Over Don’t begins to advance our involvement within the New England music scene, to blogs and articles highlighting some of the region’s most talented artists, it seems only fitting that one of the first pieces of music we cover comes from Massachusetts’ artist Bri-C. If you’re not familiar with his work already, Bri-C has been a constant inclusion in almost all “Who’s Next in Massachusetts” discussions for the past few years. He’s been putting out music that features genres like hip-hop and pop consistently. Since around 2017, Bri-C has collaborated with various rising musicians from states like Massachusetts and even more broad. He’s most certainly built a substantive base with outlets like social media and music streaming platforms. For those who have been tuned in to Bri-C for a while, his most recent release, “Roses”, is yet another strong showing in what seems like a never-ending stream of truly great music from the Taunton, MA artist. “Roses” also features another Mass artist, Rino, who last appeared almost two years ago on Bri-C’s single “3 Peat”, where he delivered an incredibly catchy hook and a melodic verse to match.


“Roses” is an emotional track, as the duo performs a detailed reflection on the end of a recent relationship between them and an anonymous female. Bri-C explains on the opening hook that at first he believed his relationship with the female was going well; until she showed her “true colors”  and unfortunately broke his heart. Following the hook, Rino takes his verse to voice the frustration that the abrupt end of this relationship has caused. He describes the pain she induced, and the confusion he’s experienced because of her actions. However, as his verse comes to a close, he takes the last few bars to reveal a feeling of regret, and surprisingly, asks for forgiveness from this female. Ultimately, Bri-C brings this emotional rollercoaster to a halt with the final verse, and firmly decides for the two artists that although there is still a connection with her emotionally; it’s best to just learn from this experience and push through the pain of not being together with this female in the long run.


For most long-time Bri-C fans, it was extremely exciting to see “Feat. Rino” on the cover art for “Roses” when it was announced via Instagram. The two have created a sort of cult following for their rare collaborations, and after hearing the song, it’s safe to say that for a large majority of listeners this excitement was not misplaced. If you haven’t had a chance to take a listen yet, “Roses” is available to stream everywhere now and you can easily find it through the link we’ve provided below. Bri-C is also a featured artist on our “By Any Means Necessary” project, which can be found on the “Projects” tab of our website now! 

“Roses” Link: https://songwhip.com/bri-c/roses


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