Surge Drops New Project & Video

February 11, 2022 upcoming artist Surge released an EP “World Is Blu” a collective of 7 futuristic trap songs. Shortly after, February 21st Surge released the music video to “Confetti” track 4 on the project. The visuals represented the sound and vibe of the song very well, and only great videographers know how to capture such intentions. That being said, be sure to check out director @dark.sight on instagram. Surge originated from New Hampshire, but has grown an audience in New England overall. As you’d see in snippets of his latest show in the city, it seems to me he’s doing quite alright, considering the crowd chanted all the words to his songs. This project is on fire already…and who’s to say that it’ll be put out? An artist like this has a foreseeable future in the industry and is the type to have crowds jumping in mosh pits like there’s no tomorrow. Based on his unique sound, I could see Surge working with Boston based producers Akachi and/or Sonic Kaboom, but I’d be interested to know who’s worked with him thus far to create the sound you all hear now. Listening to his discography I couldn’t help but say to myself “He could make something really great with The Pirates” (a Boston collaborative group) but hey, that’s just my personal opinion. Might be something worth exploring, though. I also wouldn’t be surprised if one day he’s on stage with artists like Lil Uzi Vert or Playboi Carti. That’s the overall vibe I’ve gathered, and he fits in well with that realm of music. I’d even call it champion music. With a whopping 13,827 monthly listeners on Spotify, he’s on the rise, and you don’t want to miss it. Comment down below who you’d like to see us working with Surge in the future and don’t forget to follow @surgetnt on socials. 

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Hope Shanley

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