The Rose that grew from the concrete: CD Rose releases her newest EP “Take Your Own Advice”

Was is it about Us that makes Us so concerned about what other people think? Perspective matters, yes, but what about your own? It must be hard to do, huh? Questions we must think about when we deal with any complicated situations or tendencies that must require self-reflection. Just ask Artist CD Rose, as she recently dropped her EP “Take Your Own Advice.” What’s important to keep in mind about CD Rose and this Project is realizing her spectacular talent. As much as artists strive to reach a certain vibe, it seems that she completely understands what that entails. Oh, and on another note, what makes this masterpiece exciting to review is the fact it has a message! Alright, alright, enough about me rambling on how virtuosic she is. Let’s get to this album review.


CD Rose displays extravagant beat choices to fit align with her vocals. The Project resonated well with the theme that is being presented. On top of that, folks, it is the most quintessential R&B piece known to date. I know it’s high praise, but once you listen for yourself (if you hadn’t already, what are you doing!), you’d understand where I’m coming from. It’s best to look at this Project as CD’s version of therapy. As much as music is therapeutic, expressing her thoughts on a track is healing on its own.


The Project contained eight solo tracks but considering there’s a lot to unravel, it’s best to express my thoughts and interpretations on my top 3 favorites of this beautiful Project. The theme of it all is something to admire, for I most certainly do. Spoiler alerts ahead for my favorites, but I suggest you do if you haven’t listened to the tape already. Drake said it best “if your reading this, it’s too late.” So now on to my Top 3.


Listening to “Hold me down” takes you on a quest of CD’s value for love. She expresses on this song what that feeling can provide. She’s not with something that isn’t serious rather the total opposite. Leading to the next track on this very dear Project, “Fall Back.” CD talks about her relationship with a specific individual that she reminisces.  Although it entailed a significant amount of hardship, she reflects mainly on the energy they had. Hence leads to her choice of being willing to “fall back.” As much it tends to be complicated, relaying feelings towards each other seems to be what’s paramount to CD.


Man, this next song is so euphoric from the adlibs as it harmonizes well with the production! “Pay Phone” explains CD’s desire to hear her lover’s voice once more in real-time. She urges to hear back when the time is given, but CD’s impatience to see or hear from her loved one can get the best of her. If viewed metaphorically, it’s apparent that the relationship with whomever she’s referring to had slowly distanced and, she’s been patiently itching to get back into the swing of things no matter what it’ll take. She bluffs at the fact she could be doing something else but be fixated on her beloved. Yet, she is still willing to sacrifice her time to get back what she so misses.  


The projects transitions well towards the end with “TYOA.” The vibrant production turns mellow as if CD is isolated in her vicinity. She approaches this track as something testimonial for all but yet also conveys the same message to herself. 


With this body of work, CD couldn’t have relayed a better universal message. Hopefully, this work of art (as much as the music did) resonates well with her fellow listeners. It’s something she does so often, and I’m now anticipating more work coming from her amazing vocals. The connection-building techniques she was able to bestow to us all is something notable to mention as well. CD, if you’re reading this, You’ve officially made a fan out of me. And yes, I cheated, and I ended up talking about my top 4.


So what can we learn from this piece of work? Well, to keep it simple, it’s to cherish those uncomfortable situations or experiences, as that is a part of who you are. Embrace the relationships you have because although they may not last forever, at least you made the best of every moment and minute within it. Oh, and last but not least, Love Yourz. 


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