Here we are, me writing to you as an introduction to our newly webpage. It’s still unfathomable to see  how much we’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time. Reflecting on how we started to now, has shown me personally what it means to overcome adversarial situations. Clearly, there are a lot of things not seen behind the scenes that you may not understand. Just know, it was never peachy and keen. We’ve most certainly have gone through some dark moments in our journey. When it was only Gabe and I, it took a laborious amount of time to try and keep our identity. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had amazing times, even during that short period when it was hard. I can tell you though, we’ve felt what it meant to feel you’ve lost it all. What’s so beautiful about this thing called life is that it brings a lot of trials and tribulations. At the end of the day though, this will allow someone to grow and shape them to the person they were here to be. It’s honestly a healthy position to be in. Look at what a plant needs in order to grow to its highest potential. It’ll have its days where it receives as much water as possible, and it will also have its days where there’s no sight of water, but when it’s all set and done, they’ll receive that water needed when they didn’t have any, and the growth will be so evident. I guess you can say through it all, Life’s a trip. Like my good friend Suave once said “when times get hard, I can sit back and laugh”.

I approach each day optimistically, but I also acknowledge that things may hit the fan at any given point. It’s at these moments that you stand your ground, overcoming and embracing those difficulties that life can bring.

What makes Do Over Don’t so special and admirable, is the determination factor and the motivation we bring to each other to desire achievement. We try to reach heights never reached before, ultimately doing things never done before. To be real though, it’s just impossible to reach this goals without you guys reading this. You are the heart and soul of the reason for why we do what we do. Imagine trying to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without jelly, pasta with no sauce (if you eat pasta with no sauce and you’re 18, you’re different. No offense.). 

For real though, the support is unreal! I honestly don’t understand or can even comprehend what makes you guys to still consistently support us. All I can say, on the behalf of the team and I, it is sincerely appreciated. 

 So yeah, through the wire, through the fire, through whatever, we aren’t going anywhere…  I guess you can say we’re going ’til the limit. Even then, I will not allow the purpose and message to vanish. Like the great queen Chaka Khan once said, “Im not ready to kiss that dream goodbye.”



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