Massachusetts Up Now: Van Buren Records Concludes “Bad For Tour” With Sold Out Boston Performance

“Home team advantage” is a well-known term in sports. It refers to the advantage a team possesses when playing in their “home” city or town. The phrase also pertains to the fact that, while at “home”, a larger percentage of spectators and fans cheer and root for the home team. This past weekend, when Brockton-based collective Van Buren Records returned home to Massachusetts, it quickly became apparent that this phrase could also be used to describe things outside of sports as well.

After two successful performances on their “Bad For Tour” in Los Angeles and New York City earlier in the month, Van Buren took the stage in Boston on September 24th to a sold-out Paradise Rock Club crowd, filled with countless fans, friends, and family. VB’s homecoming show, which closed out their 3 stop headlining tour, was nothing short of legendary and proved that years of hard work were extremely well worth it. Prior to VB’s 70-minute set, fellow Massachusetts artists Bori Rock, SliccBae, Reem Skully, Big Super, Cash Cartel, B. Blazo, and more all took the stage in support of the Brockton collective. It truly feels as though the last time Massachusetts experienced such a sense of community centered around a local act was during the ascent of Dorchester’s Cousin Stizz, and coincidentally enough, Stizz was onstage with Van Buren as they performed. A truly full-circle moment for Massachusetts rap as a whole.

Cousin Stizz on stage with Van Buren

At DoOverDon’t, we’ll continue to support the Van Buren boys and everything they do, and we’re extremely proud to have been able to witness their rise over the past few years. If you’re interested in seeing how the show looked and felt, feel free to check out the short recap shot by DOD’s lead videographer Aaron Meighan on our Instagram page!

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